Vocal Folds

Three custom LED displays housed in oil drums playing unique Laryngoscopic videos. Five English actors read aloud during an endoscopic filming; the camera introduced into their nose, reaching their vocal folds and cords. As viewers approach the piece, they stick their heads inside the barrels to see the pulsating vocal folds, blown-up on the display positioned at the oil drum’s base. The words played aloud are fragments from Charles Babbage’s “Ninth Bridgewater Treatise” (1837), in which Babbage posits that all words ever spoken remain in the atmosphere, as small particles emitted from a speaker’s mouth into the air.

General info

Spanish name:
Cuerdas Vocales
Year of creation:
laryngoscopical video, LED display, computer, speakers, oil drum
2250W on 110V or 220V
Room conditions:
Low lighting
Circular Displays: 50 cm diameter; 45-gallon Oil Drum: 85 cm high



  • Guillaume Tremblay - Hardware and Software
  • Featuring Morgan Bailey, Sarah Louise Davies, Marc Graham, Maeve Larkin, Javier Marzan - Video
  • Miguel Legault - Video Editing
  • Rebecca Murdock - Industrial Design
  • Sarah Amarica, Karine Charbonneau, Pierre Fournier, Kitae Kim, Shin Hae Jung, Frederic Monast, Matthew Palmer, Pipo Pierre-Louis, Stephan Schulz, Tegan Scott - Production and Installation Support