Cloud Display

"Cloud Display" is a vertical water fountain consisting of 1,600 ultrasonic atomizers, controlled by a machine-learning voice recognition system. When a participant speaks into an intercom, the piece writes any words or sentences spoken using wisps of pure water vapour. The words appear and disappear slowly, forming an evocative and temporary display of language. When no one is participating, from time to time, the piece becomes a waterfall of vapour. The piece was premiered at the "Atmospheric Memory" exhibition performance at the Manchester International Festival in 2019 and is part of a series of water writing installations started with "Call on Water" in 2016. The project can work in most languages, and recognizes different accents.

General info

Spanish name:
Monitor de Nubes
Year of creation:
1,600 ultrasonic atomizers, intercom, voice recognition system, computer, water pumps, filtering system, steel, aluminium and acrylic
8,750W on 110-240V
Room conditions:
WATER: Needs access to water at 120 psi pressure in a 1/2 diameter NPTF tube which connects to its on-board connector. The piece has the plumbing included to distribute this flow to its 8 bays. At the peak usage it needs 900 litres of water per day, but typical usage is about 150 litres per day. For comparison, a typical bathtub needs around 300 litres to be filled.

ROOM: The room will need to withstand moisture. The amount of humidity produced will depend on many things like ventilation, size of room, air dryness, and so on, but at worst there will be 150L vaporized into the air per day, most of which will precipitate and collect in the basins of the piece under each bay. There should be rubber matt under and at least one meter protruding from the front face of the piece. This is to prevent slips. The amount of water accumulation is very low as most of it is collected in the water basins underneath each bay.
800 x 280 x 100 cm
3 Editions, 1 AP
private collector



  • Programming: Caroline Record, Stephan Schulz
  • Industrial Design: Rebecca Murdock
  • Hardware: Stephan Schulz, Pipo Pierre Louis
  • Production Assistance: Pierre Fournier, Frederic Monast, Jesse Morrison, Matthew Palmer, Carolina Murillo-Morales, Leo Maraviglia, Orion Szydel, Girard Hebert Inc, Nottus, Generique Design