Vanishing Points

Vanishing Points is a grid-generator software that deforms graphics in real time, while taking into consideration the 3D position and orientation of onlookers. As visitors walk around the exhibition space, the piece tracks their heads, whose vanishing points are then rendered on two or three screens, but only look coherent from particular vantage points. From all other angles, the vanishing points appear skewed. When two participants enter the interactive area, two vanishing points are created matching their perspective. And when the participants get physically close, the two grids match and blend into one another, creating a slight colourful moment. When no one is participating the system shows the vanishing points for the past 12 to 16 viewers.
Name in spanish: Puntos de Fuga
Year of Creation: 2018
Technique: Flat displays, anti-glare film, 3D sensor, computer running custom-made software
Power: Computer 200 W
Room conditions: Does not nor is it affected by sound
Dimensions: Variable dimensions
Edition: 6 + 1AP
Keywords: indoor, tracker.
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  • Tegan Scott - Programming
  • Stephan Schulz, Guillaume Tremblay, Karine Charbonneau - Antimodular Production