Reference Flow

"Reference Flow" is an interactive installation where a number of illuminated EXIT signs, supported by motorized stanchions, rotate automatically as people walk past them so that they always signal escape routes to the left. If several people stroll through the signs they get disoriented as they try their best to confront each person with his or her left. The piece attempts to create a fluid architectural materialization of surveillance.
Name in spanish: Flujo de Referencia
Year of Creation: 2009
Technique: EXIT signs, motors, computerized surveillance tracking system, slip rings
Power: Consumes 350W at 110-240V
Dimensions: Variable
Edition: 1 sign: 6 copies + 1 AP
5 signs: 3 copies + 1 AP
20 signs: unique + 1 AP
Keywords: robotic, tracker, indoor.
Collections: private collectors
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  • Conroy Badger - programming
  • Conroy Badger, Stephan Schulz, Pierre Fournier - hardware