Pulse Spiral

"Pulse Spiral" is a three-dimensional spiral paraboloid made up of 400 lightbulbs arranged according to Fermat's equations, --an efficient spatial distribution along a surface which is found in plant phyllotaxis (arrangement of leaves and cells in roots for example). The piece records and responds to the heart rate of participants who hold a sensor underneath. Commissioned for the opening of the Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow in the constructivist Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, the piece is inspired by engineer Vladimir Shukov who worked with Melnikov on this emblematic building from 1926-28.
Name in spanish: Espiral de Corazonadas
Year of Creation: 2008
Technique: Heart rate sensor, computer, DMX controller, custom software, dimmer rack, 400 incandescent lightbulbs, generator
Dimensions: 7 m tall and 4 m diameter
Keywords: biometric, lights, recorder, database, interactive, indoor.
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2009 - Haunch of Venison, New York City, New York, United States
2008 - Center for Contemporary Culture, Melnikov Garash, Moscow, Russia.



  • Conroy Badger – programming
  • Pierre Fournier, David Lemieux, Natalie Bouchard, Boris Dempsey, Stephan Schulz – Antimodular production
  • Dasha Zhukova, Haunch of Venison – Executive production
  • Marina Barber, Lena Evstafieva – CCC production
  • Stage Performance Group – Staging
  • Commissioned by Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow.