First Surface

Shadow Object 3
Two front surface mirrors are suspended from a thread and move with the air flow and with a small motor. Projected on the wall behind the mirrors is a real-time virtual representation of the public as seen from the perspective of the mirrors. The public is represented as patterned 3D silhouettes anchored in a reference prism that rotates with the mirrors. The piece is an "apocatoptron" (derived from the Greek Apo- for "away from" and katoptron, for "mirror") an attempt to construct an artificial perspective on the reflected subject.
Name in spanish: Primera superficie
Year of Creation: 2012
Technique: Computer, kinect, projector, metal, motor, arduino processor, front surface mirrors
Dimensions: Wall mount 72 x 44 x 30 cm
Image 175 x 122 cm
Edition: 6 copies + 1AP
Keywords: tracker, indoor, robotic, shadows, projection.
Collections: Museum of Modern Art, NYC
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2012 - Antimodular Research



  • Stephan Schulz - Programming and hardware
  • Guillaume Tremblay, Pierre Fournier, Conroy Badger - Production support