Eye Contact

Shadow Box 1
Eye Contact is the first piece of the Shadow Box series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. This piece shows eight hundred simultaneous videos of people lying down, resting. As soon as a public member is detected, his or her presence triggers the miniature video portraits to wake up: hundreds of people simultaneously turn to look at the visitor directly, creating an uncanny experience that questions who is the observer and who is the observed.
Name in spanish: Contacto Visual
Year of Creation: 2006
Technique: High resolution interactive display with built-in computerized surveillance system
Dimensions: 104,5 x 80 x 12 centimeters
Edition: 6 copies + 1 AP
Keywords: database, print, indoor, tracker, interactive.
Collections: Jonathon Carroll Collection (NYC) and private collectors
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2015 - Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, México
2006 - Antimodular Research



  • Conroy Badger - programming
  • Pierre Fournier, David Lemieux, Natalie Bouchard - production support