Shadow Box 10
"1984x1984" is the tenth piece in Lozano-Hemmer’s Shadow Box series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. The piece shows a grid of thousands of random numbers extracted from addresses photographed by Google Street View. Scanned by Google from the front doors of buildings around the world, the numbers have an immense variety of fonts, colours, textures, and styles. As a viewer walks in front of the piece, his or her silhouette is represented within the display, and within its form, all numbers countdown to show the number 1984 repeated throughout. The piece was made as a homage to George Orwell’s eponymous dystopian novel, 30 years after his predicted date for the collapse of privacy.

The piece exists as a reactive flat screen which can be shown unframed or integrated into an anodized aluminium enclosure. Also, there as an edition of 6 C-prints in Kodak Endura paper and a "treatment" version which can be projected or shown on a display larger than 6 x 3 m.
Name in spanish: 1984x1984
Year of Creation: 2014
Technique: Computer, 4K UHD flat screen, Kinect One
Power: Depending on the screen, should accept 110-240V power, around 250W
Dimensions: Variable screen size and weight: recommended flat screen with 85 inch diagonal (190 x 110 cm)
The C-print measures 213 x 120 cm
The treatment version should have a display larger than 6 x 3m
Edition: 6 copies + 1 AP Shadow Box
6 copies + 1AP C-Print
1 copy + 1AP Treatment
Keywords: indoor, print, database, tracker.
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2016 - Dallas Art Fair, Bitforms gallery, Dallas, United States
2016 - Antimodular Research
2015 - Untitled Art Fair, Bitforms gallery, Miami, United States
2015 - Bitforms gallery, New York City, United States



  • Guillaume Tremblay - Programming
  • Conroy Badger, Julie Bourgeois, Pierre Fournier – Production assistance